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Thanks for checking us out! I’m hoping to use this space to show how our farm grows through out the seasons. My goal is to post each Sunday and show our local florists what is available for the week and our market customers a glimpse of what bouquets will be available for the week. I have big new plans for the farm this year. We are adding a huge new space for more flowers. We planted peonies and ranunculus last fall and plan on creating new beds for all the dahlias, sunflowers and perennials. My space from last year will be filled with annuals, biennials and bulbs.

My son (R) headed off to college and his bedroom has become my new seedling space. I currently have verbena, lisianthus, eucalyptus and some dahlia tubers growing in there. Lots of seeds are getting sowed this week and I’m excited to get started!

Not much to look at now but seedlings are appearing!

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